University Retirees Volunteer Center

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The University Retirees Volunteer Center (URVC) is dedicated to connecting volunteers with service opportunities within the University of Minnesota and surrounding community. Volunteering is a source of personal reward and a way of addressing the needs of those around us.  You are invited to explore the volunteer options offered through the URVC. 

Why Volunteer? 

“It is really rewarding to mentor young students, particularly, providing research opportunities to freshman and sophomore students who would never come across these experiences without this program. The students are exceptionally bright and very motivated.”

Charles Muscoplat, Professor Emeritus CFANS

“The U is my best friend.  When I retired, I looked for meaningful activities and found them at the University of Minnesota. The U offers so many wonderful opportunities for retirees.  I volunteer as an English-language tutor for international students enrolled in the Minnesota English Language Program (MELP). Over the past three years, I worked with U of M students from China, Peru, and Thailand to not only improve their English proficiency skills but also to learn more about the culture of the U.S.—and Minnesota, in particular.” 

Fran Linhardt, University Alumna CLA School of Music

"Being a community member [A.I.M. volunteer] has been an exceptionally rewarding postlude to a long career. It has given me much greater insight into the human experience."

David Hunter, MD, Professor, Department of Radiology 

"Mentoring URS students is a wonderful opportunity for retired faculty; we can truly make a real difference in their academic career."

Jonathan Ravdin, MD, Nesbitt Professor Emeritus, Department of Medicine


Volunteers in Action 

URVC offers a wealth of volunteer opportunities - both within the University of Minnesota and in the Twin Cities' community. Check out the many options available today!

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