Volunteer with On-Campus Projects

Examples of current volunteer opportunities:

Retired Faculty Mentorship:  Retired UMN faculty volunteers serve as mentors to undergraduate research scholars (URS) awardees to complete a research project before the end of their second year at the UMN. Working with a faculty mentor, these students develop and submit their own research proposal to the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) for approval. A URS research project can be a subset of a faculty mentor's current or newly established research initiative. Undergraduate research scholars may work with retired (or current) faculty mentors who are not in their major or college. This is a collaborative initiative between the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) (https://ugresearch.umn.edu/) and the URVC.

Guide for Faculty Mentors

Example Student (URS) Research Projects

Guidelines for Student Research Proposal Development

Academic Integrity Matters (A.I.M.):  The A.I.M. program offered by the University of Minnesota Office for Community Standards is based on the principles of restorative justice to address student academic misconduct.  A panel of university community volunteers (current faculty and staff, grad students, faculty and staff retirees) meet with students who have failed to comply with the student conduct code. Volunteer panel members participate in discussions to create an educational plan for students to complete with the goal of helping these students to better understand academic integrity, and the impact of academic misconduct on themselves, their classmates, their families, and the University.  A.I.M Meeting Panels are scheduled throughout the summer and academic year.  Volunteers choose as few or as many Meeting Panels in which they want to participate.

Minnesota English Language Program (MELP):  MELP helps students whose primary language is not English develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  The primary goal of this One-on-One Tutoring Program is to provide an opportunity for MELP students to practice new English communication skills.  In this program, URVC tutors and MELP students have the opportunity to learn about new cultures and build meaningful relationships.

Advancing Healthcare Stewardship:  This program is based on healthcare issues and is an interesting approach to improving your own health and the promotion of good community health through the Project for Advancing Healthcare Stewardship. The format is that of a forum and focus group using a virtual medium. 

Participate in Research Studies:  Periodically research studies need participants who serve as controls.  Depending on the nature of the study the volunteer may be interviewed by the investigator, respond to a computer-based survey, do simple physical tasks or even undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exam.  Since these studies get underway intermittently, persons who wish to be considered as a volunteer should indicate their availability in the Interest Survey.  Various examples of past opportunities include research studies on Alzheimer's prevention, spinal cord injuries, women's cardiovascular health, chronic lower back pain, hearing, and low vision.

Mandela Washington Fellowship Coach:  Mandela Washington Fellows attend an on-campus Leadership Institute during which they identify a project focus for implementation in their country or local community. Volunteer “coaches,” with expertise relevant to Fellows’ backgrounds, provide support for individual project development.

Health Consultant - Academic Health Center:  Students from Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Occupational Therapy are placed in integrative teams to meet with Volunteer Community Teachers three times during the academic year to gain insight into the needs and concerns of patients or clients. 

Ushering at the Rarig Theater: Volunteers who serve as ushers at the Rarig Theater are invited to enjoy the performance after the patrons are seated.  Performances are scheduled intermittently in both fall and spring semesters.  

Volunteer for your choice of project or find more information by registering through URVC's Better Impact.

Volunteers in Action

Marcie and Jon Ravdin

Retired Faculty URS Mentors Jonathan and Marcie Ravdin


Volunteer MELP tutor session

Volunteer Participating in a Research Study

Volunteer Participating in a Research Study

Mentor Lunch

Mentors, Phil and Karin Peterson, with URS Students

Ankle Study

Volunteer Participating in Ankle Proprioception Research Study